Hospice Medication Alert: Drug Safety Update on Entacapone

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alert2Entacapone is a reversible and selective inhibitor of catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT). By disrupting levodopa breakdown, the COMT inhibitors can potentiate the effect of levodopa for managing the motor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, entacapone is used as adjunctive treatments in patients who are experiencing “wearing off” or other motor complications during treatment with carbidopa-levodopa.) It is available alone as Comtan® or in a fixed-dose combination with carbidopa-levodopa as Stalevo®.

In August 2010, FDA alerted patients and health care professionals about the increased risk of cardiovascular events and death with the use of Stalevo. The possible safety issue was observed in a clinical trial called Stalevo Reduction in Dyskinesia Evaluation in Parkinson’s disease (STRIDE-PD) and in meta-analysis involving 15 clinical trials comparing Stalevo with carbidopa-levodopa. Since carbidopa-levodopa has been used extensively and has not been associated with cardiovascular risk, the FDA was concerned that entacapone might have been responsible for the increased risk. It was difficult to draw conclusions from these clinical trials because they were not designed to evaluate entacapone’s cardiovascular safety.

Until recently, two studies were examined to understand the significance of cardiovascular risk with entacapone. One was a retrospective cohort study using data from an electronic commercial insurance database and found the risk for myocardial infarction was not significantly increased in patients 18 to 64 years old with Parkinson’s disease treated with entacapone compared to the control group(1). The other study assessed the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke or death in Medicare patients at least 65 years old with Parkinson’s disease and the result did not support an associate between entacapone use and increased cardiovascular risks(2).

Therefore, on October 26, 2015, the FDA announced that entacapone does not carry an increased risk of cardiovascular events based on recent studies. However, patients and health care professionals are still encouraged to report side effects with Comtan or Stalevo to the FDA


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