Compliance Support

Your compliance director downloads a Hospice Pharmacy Solutions customized CSV monthly report. The director sees that HPS’ report provides important documentation that your hospice organization is Medicare compliant, is meeting the federal requirements of CR-8358 and is properly reporting injectable and non-injectable prescription drugs for the palliation and management of terminal illnesses and related conditions.

You and your compliance director can address other concerns knowing that your hospice’s Medicare documentation is complete and thorough.

Compliance Support

Medicare compliance plays an important part in your overall hospice operation. Questionable documentation can have a direct impact on the resources you have to provide the quality end-of-life care your patients deserve.

Your Medicare documentation is compiled by an HPS clinical pharmacist. You can depend on their in-depth knowledge of hospice-appropriate – and inappropriate – medications. HPS Medicare-compliant reports summarize your average cost per patient per day, non-palliative drug claims and cost-effective alternatives. Finally, you have robust data on drug use, ordering trends and drug, physician, pharmacy and patient utilizations.

Partner with HPS

HPS is a proven, repeatable, nurse-friendly system that enhances patient care, provides operational efficiencies and
delivers ongoing reductions in medication costs.