Cost Management

Running a hospice organization is hard work. Your hospice provides medical, social, spiritual and emotional support for healthcare’s most-vulnerable patient population. You face an ever-changing regulatory climate.

But with all these challenges, you know that Hospice Pharmacy Solutions simplifies the PBM process.

You see that HPS helps your hospice increase productivity, save resources and grow your census with a robust PBM process. You value that HPS developed the pricing model that best works for your organization. And your patients will have the medications they needs with the HPS nationwide network of more than 70,000 retail, independent and closed door pharmacies, including important compounding and IV pharmacies.

Cost Management

HPS has the expertise and experience to help your hospice control costs with:

  • Cost containment through superior and simplified program management actions that allows your organization to grow your ADC and your business
  • Varied pricing models that best fit your program’s structure
  • Around-the-clock access to 65,000+ pharmacies, including compounding pharmacies and an IV network

Your patients’ hospice journeys are unique and challenging. And your hospice is a more productive operation with HPS supporting you at every step. Like many PBM services, HPS offers a range of pricing models that work with your organization’s structure.

But HPS offers you more than services; we give you solutions:

  • HPS technology to streamline admissions, discharges and re-certifications
  • HPS clinicians teaming up with your hospice staff to control your patients’ pain and symptoms
  • The HPS Help Desk support quickly resolving issues and inquiries
  • HPS analytics giving you the data you need to evaluate trends and address potential problems
  • HPS reports fulfilling requirements to maintain Medicare compliance
  • And HPS clinical and educational resources helping your hospice teams deliver cost-effective and compassionate care

Your hospice’s relationship with HPS is more than a business-to-business transaction; it’s a partnership, a valuable collaboration, a shared mission. You know you have many choices for your PBM services. And with Hospice Pharmacy Solutions your hospice gains a partnership that’s an extension of your team, working for your hospice, your goals and your patients.

Partner with HPS

HPS is a proven, repeatable, nurse-friendly system that enhances patient care, provides operational efficiencies and
delivers ongoing reductions in medication costs.