Reports and Analytics

As an executive director of hospice, you have come to depend on the comprehensive monthly report from Hospice Pharmacy Solutions. Each report gives you a complete breakdown of important operational data: average cost per patient per day, cost-effective alternatives, physician utilization and more. One piece of data stands out – non-palliative drug claims are up significantly.

You contact your HPS account manager to discuss these findings and explore ways to reduce these claims.

The account manager arranges a conversation with an HPS clinical pharmacist.

After reviewing your hospice’s data, the clinical pharmacist recommends staff education, which consists of  your hospice teams watching an HPS on-demand webinar, “Covered vs. Non-Covered Medications in Hospice.” The next quarter, you are happy to see that your non-palliative drug claims decline to manageable levels.

Reports and Analytics

Hospice providers rely on accurate, up-to-date data to manage reimbursements and costs. And Hospice Pharmacy Solutions delivers the reports and analytics that help you increase productivity and decrease costs.

Hospice Physical™

An exclusive service from HPS, our Hospice Physical™ outlines key performance indicators and benchmark comparisons, identifies inefficiencies, summarizes service utilization and offers specific recommendations from clinical pharmacists on cost-control strategies your hospice can easily enact. You can see – at a glance – how your hospice is performing.

Monthly Reports

The HPS Monthly Reports gives you a deeper understanding of your brand versus generic utilization, prescription claims utilization, the top-10 therapeutic classes by cost, the top-25 drugs by cost and generic name, and the top drugs by cost and label name.

The HPS Client Portal

The HPS Client Portal gives you access to reports that detail up-to-date data on medication utilization and distribution, brand name drugs, generic drugs, cost per patient per day, drug-to-drug interactions, prescription claims and more. View dashboards to get an overview or drill down deeper to explore specifics. And you can download a Prescription Claims Report to fulfill CR 8358 reporting to Medicare.

HPS Medication Reviews

Our Medication Reviews comply with Medicare’s Conditions of Participation regulations and set an industry standard for reporting. Each Medication Review provides a complete evaluation of a patient’s medication history along with a thorough Drug Utilization Review.

Partner with HPS

HPS is a proven, repeatable, nurse-friendly system that enhances patient care, provides operational efficiencies and
delivers ongoing reductions in medication costs.