Admissions Support

Your hospice nurse has three patient visits on the schedule today. The first is a hospice admission; the nurse opens a laptop and completes their normal workflow in the EMR which is sent in real-time to HPS which sets the process in motion. There the EMR pharmacy interface transfers patient information to complete the admission, discharge, or transfer in real-time.

The second call is a routine home visit. While there, the nurse notices that the patient’s prescription for bumetanide will run out before the next visit. The nurse calls to quickly arrange a refill.

Admissions Support - Nurse with Laptop
Admissions Support
Admissions Support - Nurse calling in medication

With HPS as your pharmacy benefit partner, you can tap into our expertise and experience to streamline hospice admissions and put in place a reliable process for medication management.

HPS will help your hospice realize staffing efficiencies and increased nursing productivity. Hospice Pharmacy Solutions streamlines the administrative process by providing:

  • EMR Interfaces with most hospice EMR systems in the market today, with the continual addition of emerging EMR systems, giving you a clear, up-to-the minute understanding of your hospice analytics
  • E-prescribing for quick authorization of renewal requests and effortless transmission of electronic prescriptions to your pharmacy of choice

Partner with HPS

HPS is a proven, repeatable, nurse-friendly system that enhances patient care, provides operational efficiencies and
delivers ongoing reductions in medication costs.