Help Desk Support

Your nurse has admitted a patient to your hospice service. The patient is in severe pain and requires the appropriate medication to address the symptoms; however, there’s an unforeseen challenge. Your nurse is unable to fax the admissions information to HPS due to a technical issue.

With around-the-clock support available from the Hospice Pharmacy Solutions Help Desk, the patient’s needs can be addressed. Your admissions nurse can call HPS and a trained, professional Help Desk Specialist can accept and process the admissions information over the phone.

Help Desk Support

As soon as the call is completed, the patient is admitted and the pharmacy can immediately process the medications needed to address
your patient’s pain issues.

The HPS Help Desk is a 24/7 team comprised of certified pharmacy technicians who understand hospice care and take your mission to heart. With quick response times and exceptional call center service-level metrics, the HPS Help Desk provides support for:

  • Prior authorizations
  • Pharmacy assistance
  • Admission, discharge and re-certification support
  • Questions on day and dollar limits and non-formulary medications
  • Adherence to Quality Assurance standards

Partner  with HPS

HPS is a proven, repeatable, nurse-friendly system that enhances patient care, provides operational efficiencies and
delivers ongoing reductions in medication costs.