Hospice Pharmacy Solutions Clinical Support Services

Clinical Support Services

Pharmacist Medication Reviews

Comprehensive medication reviews provided by our clinical pharmacists exceed the standards of the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP). The medication review service helps many hospice providers to stay in compliance from the time a patient is admitted to discharge. Medications were reviewed not only at admission, but also re-reviewed in accordance to each hospice interdisciplinary team (IDT) meetings depending on the hospices’ need. In each medication review, our clinical pharmacists make recommendations on coverage decisions, highlight any cost-effective therapeutic alternatives, identify clinically significant drug interactions, and point out any therapeutic duplications to help decrease cost and adverse effects. At the end of each medication review, a personalized summary of recommended action items is provided to help with disease and symptoms management. Our medication reviews are unique and highly rated for providing clear and concise recommendations for the IDT to help improve quality of patient care, reduce medication cost and stay compliance with CoP.

Pharmacist Consultations

Pharmacist consultations are available 24/7, every day in the year. This is a great opportunity for nurses, physicians and pharmacists to collaborate and provide the best possible care for your patients. Our clinical pharmacists are here to help discuss any medications and/or symptom related topics relating to your patients. Common topics include: opioid dose conversion, pain and palliative symptom management, and general drug information (i.e. availability/formulation, therapeutic alternatives, cost and adverse effects)

Newsletters and Clinical Blogs

Our newsletter, The Clinician, and our clinical blog contain original hospice-oriented articles that are prepared and chosen carefully by our clinical team. The Clinician is our quarterly newsletter that focuses on hospice pharmacy, drugs and guidelines updates. Some of the hot topics in our newsletters include Opioid Infusions in Hospice Patients, COPD and Inhaled Corticosteroids, and Diabetes Management Decisions in Hospice.  Our clinical blog articles are posted more frequently on our website to address timely clinical issues to help you stay current on drug information and other hospice related topics.

Educational Presentations

We provide three different types of educational presentations: the monthly Pathways to Success Live Webinar Series™, customized live in-service presentations tailored to the clients’ needs, and on-demand, self-paced educational presentations. We are accredited by the California Board of Registered Nurses to offer nursing continued education (CE) credits and all of these presentations are available for nursing CE.  Pathways to Success Live Webinar Series™ is our monthly continuing educational series provided via web-based interactive presentations. The webinars feature guest speakers or HPS clinical pharmacists who present on various hospice-related topics such as Referral Inquiry to Admission: Growing Your Census, Management of Delirium in the Hospice Patient, and many more. In addition, our clinical pharmacists also design and provide clinical education on topics of interest to our hospice partners and provide live in-service presentations. Some of the more-popular educational presentations are recorded and made available as self-paced webinar courses, which our hospice partners can register for online and complete at your own convenience.

Clinical Resources

Our exclusive member login website contains an extensive selection of various clinical resources, charts, protocols, clinical algorithm and pathways, and other tools to assist hospice clinicians in many areas of practice. These are printable documents that hospice providers can keep in their pockets for convenient access. A few examples of our clinical algorithms include: Nausea and Vomiting Management, Anxiety and Agitation Management, and Hallucination Management. Another very popular clinical chart is our Inhaled Respiratory Medications Chart, which help clinicians easily identify and avoid therapeutic duplication in respiratory medications.

In addition, we understand that drug discontinuation at end of life may be difficult for patients and families to understand. We have developed handouts on specific drugs recommended for discontinuation in hospice patients. These are written specifically towards patients and family members and nurses have found them helpful as a communication tool. Examples of the handouts include: Discontinuation of Anticoagulants, Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, and Cognitive Enhancement Drugs in end stage dementia.

Hospice Pharmacy Solutions and Outcome Resources provide you with pharmacy clinical support 24/7, 365 days a year with one goal in mind, which is to help you succeed as a hospice provider. Talk to one of our HPS representatives to learn more about our clinical services. For more information on our exclusive member login, please contact your Account Manager. We look forward to our future collaborations!