Introducing: Tru360

Tru Partnership. Tru Customization. Tru Service.

Tru360 is the most comprehensive, hospice-centered, patient-focused solution in the market today. Tru360 drives sustained cost reduction while improving patient satisfaction and outcomes. Tru360 is built on five key components that produce excellent end-of-life care in a cost-effective manner.

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We build a custom service model to fit your workflow and your culture. Your Tru360 Team, including a dedicated pharmacist and account manager, partner with you to manage savings initiatives. The result: sustained and ongoing cost reduction to reinvest in growth – and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

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We provide industry news and resources that affect you. Through CE Courses, our webinar series, news articles, blog posts, custom live presentations and our extensive resource library we empower your team to make the best decisions at the point of prescribing.

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With 65,000 plus pharmacies in our network,we don’t force you into a one-size fits-all solution. HPS connects your hospice to a nationwide network of thousands of local delivery providers to ensure patients receive access to medications when they need them.

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Our technology provides proactive intervention, streamlines pharmacy interaction and saves up to $2,000 per nurse annually. HPS pharmacists are available 24/7 so you never wait for the answers you need. We save you time, so you can focus on patient care.

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HPS is the Gold Standard for medication reviews. Our CoPs-Compliant med reviews provide a complete evaluation of medication history, detailed clinical insights with actionable recommendations, and much more to ensure that you provide the right medication to the right patient in the right form and dosage at the right time.

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