TruPharmacy News: December Edition

CMS to Allow Hospices to Accept Medication Orders from Physician Assistants


In a new final rule, the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) will permit physician assistants to send medication orders to hospices. Previously, only orders from physicians or nurse practitioners were acceptable. The rule becomes effective Jan. 1., 2020…








Misconceptions About Hospice Care Persist Among U.S. Public

Senior man in hospice

A large proportion of U.S. adults continue to have a limited understanding of hospice care, and misperceptions continue to persist, according to a new MorseLife Hospice and Palliative Care survey.

Nearly 40% of people in the United States believe that the sole purpose of hospice care is to sedate patients approaching the end of life…







Lack of Palliative Care Definition Impacts Patients, Hospice Business

Nurse filling a bottle of enteral nutrition, Palliative Care, Conceptual Image, horizontal composition

Community-based palliative care is expanding exponentially nationwide with hospice providers at the forefront, but efforts to build care and payment models are hitting a wall due to the lack of a standardized definition for those services. Patients and families who are facing serious illness need palliative care…